Altrusa International of Palisade, CO

Our Leadership

Charlotte Wheeler and Nila Southwell, Co-Presidents

Kristi Trumbo, Vice President

Corrina Kiso, Treasurer

Darralee Mathews, Secretary

Beth Egghart, Newsletter Editor

Cheryl Borchardt, Social Media

Our Mission

Altrusa Club of Palisade strives to improve our community through leadership, partnership and service. Altrusa is focuses on literacy and other local needs.


Serving Palisade, Colorado, and the east end of the Grand Valley through leadership and community service.

Service Projects

Each year we organize and participate in many projects in our local community and in communities world-wide. Some of these include:

  • Christmas Food and Gift Baskets for over 40 needy families (in conjunction with Salvation Army) with associated activities:
    • Angel Tree at local grocery store – Family Food Town.
    • Collection of canned food by student councils at Taylor Elementary, Mt. Garfield Middle School, and Palisade High School.
    • Assembly of food/gift boxes by Altrusans and youth volunteers
    • Donation of excess food to Child and Migrant Services, Palisade, CO, and Food Bank of the Rockies
  • “I Like Me” personalized books for each Kindergartener at Taylor Elementary
  • Mt. Garfield Middle School Athletic Scholarships for needy youth
  • Make a Difference Day – books collected and given away in town plaza –National Make-A-Difference Day – fourth Saturday of October
  • Cup of Warmth Soup Supper for the Olde Fashioned Christmas celebration, Palisade
  • Support our sister club in Grand Junction with their juried Annual Altrusa Art Fair for Middle and High School Students and their Annual Alternative Education & Vo-Tech Student Awards.
  • Contribution to Altrusa International Foundation for projects world-wide.

  • Peach Sundaes and Parfaits booth at Sunday Markets – July-September, Palisade – fresh Palisade peaches with ice cream or vanilla-honey Greek yogurt…yum!
  • Community donations to fund the $4000+ gifts – Altrusa Christmas Food/Gift Baskets
  • Two-bit Fundraiser – an Altrusan might hit you up for a quarter, just a quarter, for our Two-Bit Fundraiser…amazing how quarters add up over time!
  • Fresh Georgia pecans in 1-lb bags in late November/early December.  Freezer-ready, perfect for holiday baking, great by themselves as a healthy snack.
  • 25-cent Hamburger Fry – Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply

A Little More About What We Do

  • Christmas Food and Gift Basket Project:
    For a number of years we have provided Food and Gift Baskets for the Salvation Army’s list of needy families in our community, always in the 40+ numbers. Food is collected through the elementary, middle, and high schools; the club receives donations from community individuals, families, and businesses to supplement our funds to purchase multiple gifts for each member of the needy families; grocery gift cards and bags of potatoes and carrots are donated by the local grocery store (Family Food Town), and the National Elementary Honor Society members from Taylor Elementary join us in assembling the gift boxes. Larry McKenna of the Recycle Bicycles Program provides bicycles.  A Spanish language interpreter assists club members during the arrival of the families to pick up their baskets. 
  • “I Like Me” Books

Club members hand deliver customized “I Like Me” books for approximately 80 Kindergarteners at Taylor Elementary, in cooperation with the Telephone Pioneers service group.  The books are personalized with each child’s name, along with his/her teacher and friends’ names to create a memory book from their kindergarten year.  Many students hold onto these books far into their later school years as a fond memory of starting school at Taylor.


  • Altrusa Athletic Scholarships – Mt. Garfield Middle School

Each athletic season of the school year finds Altrusa providing scholarships to youth for their participation in sport activities, when their families can’t afford the fees.  Participation in althetics (football, volleyball, basketball, track) help establish a connection to school and the classroom achievement at a time when students often begin to lose interest in academics.


  • Individual Needs of Community Members  “10-$100s Funding

Periodically, individual needs arise that we can support financially or through service. In the past years we contributed to a youth-organized Jazzed for Education fundraising concert for the music programs in the local schools and the high school debate team for their travel to national competition. We also assisted with an art-based fundraiser, HeART Africa, organized by a local college graduate student to fund secondary school for 15 orphans in the small town of Talek, Kenya, where he conducted his graduate research in wildlife biology.  We have donated to the foundation he established for ongoing support of the orphan students. Single moms with disabled cars, families needing travel money to medical facilities out of our area, Snack Cupboard to help elementary students who can’t afford school snacks or need them for medical needs (diabetes, etc.) – these and more have found the way into our hearts.


  • Alternative Education & Vo-Tech Awards / Altrusa Art Fair

We join our sister club in Grand Junction to support their annual Alternative Education & Vo-Tech Awards to outstanding high school students and associate degree students at Western Colorado Community College in alternative school programs, nominated by their teachers. We also provide assistance for the sister club’s juried Annual Altrusa Art Fair for middle and high school art students. The 50th Annual Art Fair was held in April 2013.

Who We Are

The Altrusa Club of Palisade consists of members from varied professions in the east end of the Grand Valley (approximately 10-20 miles east of Grand Junction, Colorado). We come together in friendship to develop leadership among our ranks while creating an avenue to address needs within our community.

We were formed by three members of the Grand Junction Altrusa Club in 1997 with 19 members from Palisade. Our club has remained small, but effective, in meeting varied needs as they arise in our rural community.

Get Involved

We meet monthly, usually on the 4th Monday of each month, at Garfield Estates Vineyard and Winery, 3572 G Road, Palisade, CO. Contact the president or check the recent newsletter for the most up-to-date meeting times and locations.

Club Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 424

Palisade, CO 81526

Co-Presidents:  Charlotte Wheeler and Nila Southwell

Club Email:


  • Newsletter – coming soon!
  • Facebook – like us on Facebook at Altrusa International of Palisade
  • Press Releases – under construction
  • Awards – under construction


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Events and Calendar
  • Palisade Sunday Markets – our Altrusa Market days have ended with the end of peach season, but remember us next summer when we return.
  • September 30, 2017 - Altrusa of Delta's 4-Club Picnic - Thelma Starner, hostess.  13583 F Road, Delta, CO.  Social Hour 5:30, dinner at 6 pm
  • October 7 - Murdoch's Hamburger Sale, Clifton store, 11:00-1:00 or until burgers are gone
  • October 21, 2017 Annual Book Giveaway - National Make-A-Difference Day.  Browse through hundreds of paperbacks and hardbacks in Palisade Town Square from 10-2:00 pm.  Free for the taking…enough to fuel your reading needs for a long time.  Literacy is a huge focus of our organization.
  • Pecans!  Fresh Georgia Pecan halves in 1 pound packages will be arriving before Thanksgiving.  Approximately $12/pound - reserve yours now from any Altrusan or contact club co-presidents to order yours.
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